Our Experience In The Field

Mike Zimmer has spent over 40 years in the television industry working for NBC. A 12 time Emmy award recipient and a winner of the prestigious George Foster Peabody and DuPont-Columbia awards. He has produced numerous programs for Peacock Productions, NBC’s International production company, Fox Sports, the Today show and several Outdoor Networks

Working with NFL Green Mike produced one of the largest environmental initiatives in Super Bowl history. He is most proud of the legacy project for Super Bowl 54, where he teamed with Force Blue, the University of Miami, Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection and the Frost  Museum to plant 100 corals off of Key Biscayne Florida in honor of the NFL’s 100th anniversary. This effort resulted in the Documentary “100 Yards of Hope”.

An avid outdoorsman, he has dedicated his life work to the environment. He served as Chairman of the Coral Restoration Foundation and continues to supports our coral reefs. He was born and raised in Miami and is a Florida State University graduate with a Bachelor degree with Communications.

Mike Zimmer